Zantac study on national CBS Evening News

A study conducted by former post-doc Teng Zeng and Bill about the levels of NDMA measured in urine after volunteers consumed 150 mg tablets of Zantac (which contains ranitidine) was covered on the medical segment of CBS Evening News


Disinfection, Byproducts and Health Gordon Research Conference 2019

A group picture of current and former lab members with their own research groups at the 2019 GRC!

Summer 2019 News

Congratulations to Brad Chuang and Zhong Zhang!

Brad started as an assistant professor at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan in January

Zhong will graduate this summer and start as an assistant professor at Nankai University this fall!

Winter 2018 News

Feature article on the future of DBP research by Xing-Fang Li and Bill Mitch the February, 2018 ES&T cover story 

Journal Cover

Spring 2017 News

Congratulations to Grad Student Kim Parker! Kim won the 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Award from AEESP!

Her article on the effect of estuarine salts on the photochemical degradation of microcycstins wins Environmental Science and Technology's Best Science Paper of 2016 Award.  A link to the article is below


Winter 2017 News

Congratulations!  Dan McCurry's paper selected as one of the top 2016 papers in Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology

Fall 2016

Bill Mitch named a highly prolific author in Environmental Science and Technology

Spring 2016 News

Congratulations to PhD student Kim Parker for her article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA!

Congratulations to PhD student Kim Parker for accepting a faculty position at Washington University in St. Louis

Mark Your Calendars!

The 2017 Disinfection Byproducts Gordon Research Conference is only 2 years away!

Chair Bill Mitch and Vice-Chair Xing-Fang Li (University of Alberta) are planning an array of new topics at the cutting edge of our field.  Please join us at Mt. Holyoke in August, 2017!

Fall 2015 Group News

Congratulations to:

PhD student Aleksandra Szczuka.  Alex received the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

Post-doc Teng Zeng.  Teng started as an assistant professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University in January, 2016.

Post-doc Jong Choe.  Jong started as an assistant professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Clarkson University in January, 2016.



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